lonely_lion_cub (lonely_lion_cub) wrote in ligaly,

looking for a BF

hello all im new to LJ and im looking for a BF..i live in North Babylon,umm i love cuddling and kissing..i love to wrestle. im 185lbs im 5'10-5'11 around there. im looking for someone who loves to cuddle and kiss and just fun to be around..im not looking for a smoker,drinker,or someone off long island. if you would like to chat more or know more about me IM me at NBX St Suicide :) *hugs*
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hey, I'm David and I just suggest putting a little more info in your userinfo that way people can get an idea of who you are, especially if you're not online to tell them (not that mine has that much personal stuff, but I mean like age and perhaps a little blurb or something) :) So, what's new?
im 16 and in smithtown btw
nm i just was on for like 10 mins to write it ill add more later today
my sn's shvoom if u wanna IM me - I see that ur online right now lol but im about to leave to have dinner...so ttyl i suppose