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Update on me

Hey people!!!!

i lost ligaly idol on friday :( boo hoo butttttt i got a gurlfriend now and no its not lindsey cuz shes a fucker and didnt wanna go out with me lmao lindser, yea i sang the song last train home by Lost Prophets and i did well at least i thought i did and i lost

my 2 best friends came out 2 see me and i still lost so im a little bit upset. and on top of that Lindsey was flirting with Carrie so i was getting pist and left the diner then this girl megan and i started talking and one thing led 2 another and i was beginning 2 really like her and she made me forget about lindsey so i asked her out and we've been going out since friday and i think it will be a long lasting relationship or at least i hope so

Rich won on friday, so he will be performing next friday so i am cheering for his ass he better do good

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